If You Die Today...

Where Will You Be Tonight?

If you die without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, your sins have condemned you to eternity in Hell.

You do not want that.

       The moment after you die, like everyone else on the planet, you begin your next life: your eternal life in either Heaven or in Hell. Those are the only two destinations.(1)And both of them are absolutely real -- ask the people who’ve spent a little time in one or the other (there are some!)

     Heaven is a totally wonderful place where there is no pain, no suffering, no hunger, no money problems, no health problems, no relationship problems, no cares or wants of any kind.
(2)  And we’re constantly with God.

     Hell is a lake of fire: a horrible place of unimaginable pain, suffering, torment and hopelessness.
(3) And complete separation from God. Forever.

     Since you can’t know precisely when you’ll die, you need to make sure you are always holding a valid “ticket” to Heaven, not to Hell. As you may have heard, how you behave on earth determines where you spend your eternity. But the specifics of how you can earn admission to Heaven may surprise you. The truth is,  you can’t earn your way into Heaven. God declares that nobody can lead a life on earth that’s “good enough.”

    If you’re thinking, “I’m not a bad person,” take a moment to look at your behavior as God sees it….    If you’ve ever told a lie, ever stolen anything, or ever had a lustful thought, then you are guilty of rebellion against God and your sins have condemned you to an eternity in Hell. It’s that simple and that clear. So, since everybody sins, everybody’s doomed to Hell, right? Absolutely not!(5)

    There is one way -- and only one way -- to get your ticket changed from Hell to Heaven: by genuinely confessing your sins to God, turning away from them and starting a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as your Lord.

    Here’s why it works that way. God created the universe and everything in it. He still rules it all.
(7) God loves you and wants a personal relationship with you now and in eternity.(8)

    God demands that you obey His laws
(9) especially the Ten Commandments. When you break one of the laws (and everybody does) God calls it sin. God hates sin so much that if you die with unforgiven sin, you cannot go to Heaven.(10) But since sin is first and foremost an offense against God,(11) nobody on earth (not even the Pope) can forgive you. Only God can forgive you for your sins against God!

     The good news is that God offers exactly that forgiveness as a free gift to you.
(12) God loves you so much that He sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to earth to die a shameful and painful death by being nailed to a wooden cross.  Jesus’ death and resurrection three days later paid the price in full for your sins. God declares that when you believe in Jesus and what He did for you on the cross, you receive God’s forgiveness for all of your sins -- past, present and future.(13) To receive that free gift, you must admit to God that you are a sinner who needs the forgiveness available only through Jesus’ death for you. You agree to turn away from sin and to make Jesus the Lord of your life from now on. This relationship makes you a new person with the desire and power to turn from sin.(14) That’s why Christians call beginning a personal relationship with Jesus Christ being “born again” and “getting saved” … reborn as a new person and saved from an eternity in Hell.(15)

      Genuinely saved people immediately begin to turn away from habitual sin, they get baptized, they start attending church, start reading the Bible, start praying and telling others about Jesus. These outward changes demonstrate that your personal relationship with Christ as Lord and Savior is in your heart, not just on your lips.
(16)  If you would like to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ – right here, right now – simply bow your head, come humbly before God and truthfully say the words of the Sinner’s Prayer below:

The Sinner’s Prayer

“Father God in Heaven, I now understand the sacrifice your son Jesus made for me when He died on the cross. His innocent blood paid the debt for my sins. From this moment forward, I recognize Jesus Christ as Lord of my life. I commit to change my life to turn away from sin and turn toward you God. Precious Jesus, I receive you now and forever as my Lord and my Savior. I know that all my sins — past, present and future — are now forgiven and my eternity is in Heaven! Amen.”

 If you just prayed this prayer — and meant it — welcome to the family of God!
(17) Please call Admark at 505-255-3611 to find out what to do next.

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