Here are some recent testimonials we enjoyed receiving...

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"I am very pleased with the appointments I have run. 3 of 3 have been presented to, 2 of 3 have 2nd meetings scheduled with final decision maker(s), & the other 1 of 3 has a follow-up date scheduled to get a meeting with the Owner+VP. Thank you!"
                                                                     Washington Nat'l agent, Tennessee
"Here's another order!"
                                                                      Aflac agent, Texas  

"I just closed a 100-life group from a lead you gave my manager, so I'm very excited to start this process myself! Thanks for all your help and I'll start looking for those appointments!"  

                                                                   Colonial agent, Arizona 

"I just wanted to tell you and your staff thank you for the appointments that you have set up. Things are going great with them. Again, thank you and God Bless."

                                                                   Aflac agent, Nevada

"Admark has been one of the biggest contributors to our success and I will be forever grateful to your organization for the work it has done for me." 

                                                                   Aflac agent, Ohio

Here's an AUDIO voicemail we liked getting from an Allstate benefit specialist in WISCONSIN....  

"Christina, I like the postscript on your emails!"

                                                            Allstate E.A., South Carolina

“I’m a believer and a benefits broker. My business was not doing so well at the end of last year and a friend suggested, “Try Admark.”  I responded, “Maybe.”  Then a few weeks ago, at the end of a long workday, I was walking out of my office and turned off the lights. But something told me to go back inside and pray on my knees for God’s help in my business. During that prayer, I sensed the Lord tell me “Try Admark.”  So I went onto your web site and discovered to my shock that you guys don’t hide the fact you are a Christian organization. What kind of a company does that!?!  I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be working with you. And the appointments are great.”  

                                                              Broker, Pennsylvania

"Glad to be working with an honest Christian company, heard a lot of good things about you guys."                                  Allstate agent, Wisconsin

"You did such a great job previously, we'd like to go another round."

                                                             Allstate E.A.,  Kansas

"Outstanding, Christina! And, YES, please credit [Allstate E.A.] for this incredible 18,000 EE appointment. This could prove to be the stepping stone for greatness! ... So we're thrilled for the opportunity.  WELL DONE!"

                                                            Allstate Benefit Specialist, Ohio

"My benefit specialist says the recordings sound great; we want to add another 10 appointments and continue to do business with you!"

                                                             Allstate agent, Michigan

"I closed 4 out of the last batch of 10 appointments. Helped me win the sales contest for most new accounts opened --  and a new iPad! Thanks."

                                                              Aflac agent, Tennessee

"Hi Christina,
Hope you are doing well!  The last block I ordered from you went fantastic! You guys are doing such a great job."

                                                              Colonial agent, Massachusetts

"I was surprised -- and glad! -- to see that your company is so open about being Christian. I found you via Google and when I read your website I told my husband, 'This the company we need to use.'"

                                                                Allstate agent, Pennsylvania

"You guys are terrific!  Thanks for all the great appointments. Here's a gift card to buy pizza for the whole crew!"

                                                                 Allstate agent, Colorado

"Lori [an Admark appointment setter] did an absolutely masterful job on the phone taking the somewhat hesitant finance director through the various process paces. Simply outstanding. Really impressive. Please let Lori know that if I was wearing a hat... it would be tipped!
"And congrats on the 3 excellent appointments recently set for us during last 2 weeks of January, with EE totals of 47, 240 & 130. Real nice numbers and the more you bring to the table, the merrier. We're looking for 2016 to be extremely strong and Admark is a BIG part of our success equation."

                                                                 Aflac agent, Ohio
"The prospect at my Admark appointment this morning wants to explore having Admark do telemarketing for him!  Prospect told me 'In all my years in business, I've never agreed to an appointment like this but your telemarketer was just the best! He listened, he was polite, and he gave me great reasons why I should meet with you. Maybe that company would be interested in cold calling for my company.'  Way to go, Admark."
                                  Allstate agent, Ohio

"Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the fantastic job of scheduling for me. I have opened almost 10 out of the last 20 appointments and am still working on the rest!  There is one company in particular I want to tell you about, it's [______________] with 1,200 employees. We had a great meeting with them; they want to put in Aflac. When we said our good-byes, the HR manager said they have never given an appointment to any supplement insurance agent in the past. We were the first because 'the guy on the phone was so intent and nice I couldn't refuse.' So thank you for the good work you do because you do it well. Blessings."

                                                                 Aflac agent, Oregon

"Have run 4 of the appointments you gave me. Looks like I'll be closing 2 of them!"
             Washington National agent, South Carolina

"I closed 4 of the 8 appointments you sent me!  These are great."

                                                                Aflac agent, Tennessee

"I used to use another company in ****  to call to set appointments for me, but that that company was so inflexible about calling restrictions I decided not to use them anymore. I appreciate how flexible Admark is in accommodating me and my schedule."

                                                                 Washington National agent, Illinois

"The leads have been awesome; doing an enrollment meeting this week from one of Admark' are keeping us busy which is awesome.    With that being said..I might just delay my next order a few weeks until we get caught up.   Good problem to have and thank you!!!!!!! :)"

                                                                 Allstate agent, Colorado

"Thank God for all your great work on my behalf."

                                                                 Allstate agent, Kentucky

"We scored 3 groups out of the 5 you sent, the other two are still engaged. $15,000 revenue generated so far."

                                                                Aflac agent, Virginia

This is so awesome!  Thank you so much for the breakdown and receipt of expenses charged!  I have been extremely pleased with the appointments that you’ve set. Thank you so much for being on my team!  I’m looking forward to having an exceptional year with the great momentum in place!"

                                                                Aflac agent, Ohio

"Dear Gary (one of our telemarketers),
 Thank you so very much for working so hard to make appointments for me and my teammates.  We all would thank you personally if we could be in Albuquerque with you.

"I was able to successfully engage your prospect at ____________ Inc., and my colleague was able to help your prospect at __________ Services.  To show our appreciation, I am enclosing $50 for each case (these were large cases, hence the $50) as a small way of thanking you for your efforts.
"We all know how difficult your job, and the job of your colleagues, is.  And we appreciate every appointment you all set, and every rejection you face along the way.
"Please pass on my thanks to all of your colleagues at ADMARK, from those on the phone, to those who support and assist them.

                                                                Allstate Benefits Specialist, Pennsylvania

"I have to tell you that both of the appointments I ran today were fantastic!  I am absolutely thrilled with the appointments that you are setting for me!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I will be placing my 2nd order next week for another 10 appts. Thank you so much for helping me to move my career forward!
                                                                Aflac agent, Texas

"Thank you!! I love working with you and your company!! I wish every company gave the customer service that you give!!  Have a blessed day too!!"
                                                                Colonial agent, Texas